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60 one-bed, two-bath private, healthy living units

1 three-bed, two-bath executive residence

Healthy Environment

  • State of the art air scrubbing and fresh air exchange systems
  • Zinc coated surfaces that deliver anti-microbial protection
  • Regular interval work area surface cleaning using electrostatic sprayers to apply bio-sensitive surface disinfectants
  • Highly efficient, green campus

State-of-the-art Connectivity

Cutting-edge work and collaboration areas


This is what real connectivity looks like

Fiber Connectivity and Network Features:

Blistering fast WiFi 1 Gig Fiber Internet Service

Hardwired access points in each suite

Engineered wireless system to ensure stable campus-wide connectivity

Extensive cybersecurity and firewall system in place to ensure privacy

24/7 network support and portal access for any potential troubleshooting

Devices to facilitate healthy collaboration

IoT-Driven cleaning system

5th generation Relogix sensors to accurately map campus health

Aggregated views and Campus User Interface

Private Teleconferencing Hubs stationed across the campus

DTEN D7 55” Smart TV

Full touch screen

Built-in soundbar

Built-in microphone

Fully integrated with Zoom

Smartphone enabled projection screens

Wirelessly enabled

Small group collaboration and pop-ups

Smart Work Areas:

Work areas monitored for health and cleanliness standards through the 4M advanced technology network, featuring Smart Availability and Occupancy tools

Independent work stations



Contemporary aesthetic, newly furnished

Appropriately configured small team spaces

Plug-and-play desk space

Easily configurable

Collaboration tools throughout

Conference rooms

Scheduled professional meeting space


Private and sound-proof

Collaboration Labs

Podcast Studio

  • Plug-and-play professional recording equipment
  • Soundproof

Video Set and Production Studio

  • Large set
  • Standalone production and editing room


For individuals: The 4M team works with individual residents and freelancers to develop a curated experience plan for the full duration of their residential stay. The curated experience for the individual involves personal growth, soft-skill training, and networking opportunities. Each curation event is offered with the mindset of growing the individual, to help them accelerate their career or prepare for the next steps, whatever they might be.

Some examples of the individual curation experiences include:







The curated experience for the individual resident has multiple objectives:

To provide individuals with the opportunity to accelerate their growth

Shorten the time to launch a project or career path

Grow the skills needed to be a leader in your field.

For Teams: The 4M team works with founder clients and their small teams to develop a curated experience plan for the full duration of the residential stay. The curated experience involves coordination with all things Venture – investor events, networking events, involvement in regional showcases, etc.

Quarterly demo days with 30+ investors in attendance.

Bi-weekly craft beer or other “delectable” networking events

Live podcast events in front of an audience.

The curated experience has multiple objectives:

1 to give teams in acceleration needed perspective from a community of similarly focused cohorts

To provide a regional network of investors hungry for opportunity

To provide regularly scheduled pitch and meeting opportunities

To enjoy the space, culture and amenities of the local and regional area


Let’s keep the focus on what drives you, not on what scares you. In building our campus and developing our operational plans, these have been the 4M design principles from day one: HEALTHY. SAFE. ENVIRONMENT. We will continue to adapt as needed to provide our tenants with the healthy, safe environment needed to launch projects, businesses, or achieve personal and/or professional growth. No matter who you are, what your background, or whether you come to us as a team or an individual, these are the guiding principles that shape our efforts on your behalf. Our expertly crafted environment is here and ready for you. Anyone can dole out amenities. Delivering curation services the 4M way will make a difference in the lives of our tenants. We are built to keep you safe and healthy while you accelerate, reduce burn, and join us as environmental stewards.

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