Our “purpose managers” maintain and enhance a healthy, safe environment strategically designed to enable individual and team potency. Public space, private space, work space, transportation…all modalities have been thoughtfully considered and coordinated to address the business and lifestyle objectives of 4M stakeholder teams.

Hallmarks of the 4M Campus


Robust and advanced underlying network which supports the operation of a healthy, safe environment


Proximity to an International Airport


Broad and significant local IT presence with multiple Deep Industry Verticals


Quality of Life features related to recreation, professional sports teams, premium culinary and craft brewery presence


Fully immerse yourself or your team in the collaborative, co-adaptive living environment designed for healthy living, productivity, and privacy. Each living space is elegantly crafted, using the highest building materials and tech to keep your teams cozy, productive and healthy. Team members will have the opportunity to work from anywhere they wish, from the teleconference-enabled shared living spaces to the privacy of their own suite, maximizing collaboration and technical development while boosting both quality-of-life and economic savings when compared to coastal or larger market alternatives.

Healthy Ecosystem

4M’s Personal Health/Insurance Partners

Body heat/temperature, sleep health, heart health, emotional health applications

4M’s Contact Tracing Safety Application

4M puts preventative power directly into tenant hands, via their mobile device. Real-time insight and response to hazards and risks creates a secure health network within campus boundaries.

The 4M smart-network utilizes indoor spatial positioning and real-time status updates to allow tenants to view and schedule available clean spaces in common working areas and production studios

4M’s Artificial Intelligence-driven Internet of Things

The 4M campus uses a high powered, cyber-secure Internet of Things to manage a Best of Class network of sensors and devices deployed to support and secure a healthy, safe environment for tenants.

Clean Air Recirculating System

Best of Class equipment manages clean air exchange with outdoor, fresh air 24/7.

4M’s Air Scrubbing

The HALO air scrubbing system creates Ionized Hydro-Peroxide output with a zinc catalyst for faster microbial eradication rates. This advanced oxidization system is a health friendly process. Air and surfaces are cleansed extremely fast, reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), mold, bacteria and viruses.

4M’s Specialized Non-porous, Antimicrobial Surfaces

The 4M campus features Zinc coated surfaces that deliver anti-microbial protection against the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria

● Zinc coating is far superior to products with exposed urethane which can create odors over time

● UL Greenguard Gold Certified materials for low VOCs; certifications for indoor air quality, alleviating impact to those suffering from allergies or asthma

● Materials made with soybean oil and other natural resources

● 100% recyclable

4M’s Regular Interval Surface Cleaning Regime

The 4M staff conducts regular interval surface cleaning using electrostatic sprayers to apply bio-sensitive surface disinfectants.

Electrostatic application leverages the forces of attraction to allow bio-safe disinfectants to be applied evenly and completely across all surfaces. Electrostatic application allows disinfectants to adhere in such a way that they can better accomplish their efficacy rates, effectively wrapping the disinfectants around the target areas

UV light irradiation systems provide further overnight cleaning without the use of chemicals

Safety and Security

The physical security of the 4M campus is non-intrusive, yet heavily monitored and secure. We pride ourselves in developing healthy, safe environments for our residents so they can focus on what drives them.



Full external building surveillance


All accessible and stored via cloud storage


LATCH unit entry


Garage entry snap photographs every time a door is used

Cyber Security

Maintaining cybersecurity and the private information of our residents is a priority of ours. We’ve implemented several measures to ensure all resident networks are consistently fast and information is safe and secure. Never again will individuals or teams have to worry about unwanted data breaches or loss of bandwidth.



Multiple network web for leisure and life safety


Commercial grade firewall system


Cloud-based management for all aspects


Remote access


Residents will have access to fully wired, secure, spacious, and healthy collaboration labs. These vast spaces, equipped with all necessary team building and productivity elements, are designed to cater to any team’s business or collaborative requirements; a fiber drop, onsite podcast studio, onsite video stage, teleconferencing stations, and an onsite video production studio are among the included productivity resources. Emerging teams can confer and clatch, gaining experience and knowledge on team projects, technical development, and inter-departmental processes by immersing in the shared space. State-of-the-art technology ensures that every element of the collaboration labs fosters a healthy, safe environment in which to thrive.

Healthy Environment

Environment – never before has the concept of “environment” been more expansive or interconnected, now including the continuum between personal space, the 4M campus neighborhood, and the world in which we live and breathe.

Personal Environment

At 4M, shaping the personal environment is a fundamental priority. Tenants enjoy completely private, light-filled personal spaces that were designed with privacy and efficiency in mind. State of the art fresh air exchange and air scrubbing technology create a clean environment. Carefully selected finishes support personal health and allow for the gentlest of cleaning solutions to be used.

4M Campus Environment

The 4M campus was built with environmental efficiency in mind. This includes a highly efficient building envelope designed to reduce energy usage as well as maximum efficiency windows, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. On the roof is a maximum-sized photovoltaic system that is directly wired to EV chargers in the garage area. There is a sophisticated onsite water filtering and retainage system on-site to protect against runoff.

World Environment

At 4M we have made the choice to be contributors to the restoration of global environmental health in any way we can. In addition to all of the efficiency measures taken and Green Infrastructure constructed, the 4M operational model seeks to support efficiency whether through healthy living, healthy working or healthy mobility practices.

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