What if one company could provide you or your growing team with an all-encompassing living and working space to accelerate the launch of the next critical step of what matters most to you…your freelance career, your product idea, your project team, your company…while at the same time keep you healthy and safe, reducing your burn and strengthening your collaborative network?

What if this company could accomplish all of this in such a way that you and your team members were free to focus on what drives you instead of what scares you; things like engagement and technical development, innovative thinking and project work?

What if this company could provide a safe and protective collaborative experience with mission-critical resources, an immediate network of other grinding teams and access to investors to create an environment so engaging that your output accelerated dramatically ?

Meet 4M, a full-scale growth ecosystem that is constantly adapting to remove roadblocks and support your launch. 4M was built to allow individuals and teams to leap-frog over constraint issues and accelerate toward mission critical objectives.

The 4M facilities are where sleek and beautiful align with a robust communications and technology network deployed to create a healthy, safe environment. At 4M we use digital tools and a sleek interface to provide our end-to-end, curated offering. We believe you will love our simple and elegant tools and appreciate the team of high-end experts that stands behind them. At 4M we provide the environment, expertise and openness that allow every resident to have the optimal experience – whether lifestyle or work-based – for teams to thrive.

4M delivers this full-scale, safe and healthy ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of traditional living, working and transportation models and provides the kind of experience that we will believe will enhance efficiency, collaboration and network development. Come to our campus! Bring your team! Prepare to launch.


4M provides an expertly curated experience for individuals, founders and core teams, supporting rapid growth, providing access to resources and producing events to meet real needs. The objective is simple: to help individuals and teams launch faster. 4M does this by:

Providing accelerating individuals, founders and teams needed insight, perspective and collaboration from a community of similarly focused peers

Providing a regional network of investors hungry for opportunity

Scheduling regular pitch demos, meetings and other mission-critical events

Producing events that will allow teams to enjoy the space, culture and amenities of the local and regional area

By opening our space to similarly motivated and positioned individuals and team we create a nuanced and healthy collaborative environment that boosts all pathways to success.


Our mission is threefold:
1) 4M helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives leverage the share economy by living and working in a highly affordable, focused, and effective fashion.

2) The 4M campus offers a phenomenal landing spot for freelancers and creatives where efficient work and enterprise acceleration can be achieved. The 4M team delivers a meticulously curated freelance experience, structured to provide community, a regional network of self-employment resources, and properly managed group events at a regular interval.

3) 4M uses a combination of a high powered, advanced technology network and adaptive Best Practices to create a healthy, safe environment for tenants.



1) Teams need to have confidence that their direct collaboration will be safe and facilitated such that personal health objectives are supported.

2) Our offering is perfect for any team, no matter the size. Our healthy living and working models are supported by an advanced network of underlying technology that will allow teams to communicate faster and more efficiently while staying in a healthy, safe environment.

3) Each townhome is fully furnished with state of the art appliances, comfortable living furniture, and ready-to-use conferencing systems. The large group working space provides extra room to collaborate and work productively while maintaining a high level of security – no matter what form.

4) Each team member will have their own living suite as well, offering privacy and the option to work in your own space.

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